Learn About Popular Indian Date Suppliers

What to look for when shopping for dates from the Internet or through local markets: this is especially true for those of you who plan on traveling to Rajasthan, India or Kerala, India. Popular Places. These are some of the most popular places to buy Indian date fruit. Medjool (Kabkab) dates is one of the […]

Why Purchase Dates Wholesale?

If you are looking to purchase some quality dried fruits then you should definitely check out the range of dates that is provided by the various dates wholesalers. When it comes to picking up good quality dates, there are numerous different places you could buy from but the internet is one of the best places […]

Date Fruit From Malaysia

There are many fruits and vegetables that one of the best suppliers of dates in Malaysia is the Serama fruit. It is native to Sabah in the East coast of Malaysia. The fruit has a unique shape resembling a small coin and is quite round and somewhat thick-boned with an oblong stripe down its center. […]

The Jasmine-Lavender Date in Malaysian History

If there is something more delightful in the world than a piece of golden sand and the sweet fragrance of the A Ajwa Date, then it is the simple pleasure of tasting and savoring mouthwatering Ajwa Recipes coming out of Malaysia. Malaysia is a land where the traditions of its people live on, and the […]

Making and Picking From The Dried Out Date Fruit

The variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available in Malaysia is enormous, but it can be very difficult to find quality local suppliers who specialize in delivering high-quality produce right to your door. You want a reliable distributor because you want reliable, low-cost suppliers who will deliver high-quality dates, mangoes, papayas, and other fruits and […]