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Roasted dates

Kabkab date is one of the familiar and well-known names of dates in Iran, which is famous and popular among date consumers. This date, which is considered one of Iran’s export dates, has two types of consumption: wet and dry. When the Kabkab date is fully ripe, it has a dark brown color. Its color can be seen as yellow when dry and wet.

Kabkab dates are one of the most valuable dates in Iran both in terms of food and economy. This date can be stored easily because it is semi-dry. However, it is recommended to reduce its storage time in warehouses, especially if it does not meet the necessary conditions.

In general, it is recommended to store Kabkab dates in cold rooms or warehouses where the air is cooler than -5 because it has a high potential to attract insects. In addition, the low temperature makes it easy to store dates for a much longer period of time. Dates produced mainly in Bushehr, Khuzestan and Fars provinces should be immediately packed and sold to customers after harvesting, and if storage is required, sterilized and hygienic warehouses should be used for their storage, as explained. It is better for the temperature of these warehouses to be less than -5. Usually, the texture of Kabkab date is coarse, but the best and largest type of Kabkab date is harvested in Dashtestan. Although Behbahan dates are also of high quality, they have a slightly smaller texture. Kabkab dates are usually classified according to date size, harvesting time, harvesting location and date appearance.