The Comeback Of The Healthy Lunch

This date has the name of more moist. Many people know it as Mazafati Rotab. Many dates have their own names. Also, in many parts of the country, Mazafati date is called only the word “Rotab”; Which is interesting in its own way.

The color that people like for this date and many buyers also prefer; The color is black. And even dark black affects the sales of this product. Although this date is also available in brown and dark brown. Because this date is red in the first stage of ripening. It is interesting to know that it turns black as it grows.

The nature of dates is warm and most of the people who have a cold nature. Especially those for whom problems have been created. They can use this date as a medicine. In addition to its properties for their body, they can use it as a medicine for physical health.

Many dates can be kept outdoors and indoors. But the storage conditions of this date are somewhat unique. It is recommended to keep this date at home and in the refrigerator for consumption. Whenever you want to use it, take the dates out of the refrigerator three hours earlier and then use them.

Mazafati Bam dates have some moisture. These two in the body should be excessive and not that our own fathers did not have them, but the presence of moisture in this date has added a property to this date that one of the consumers may be sure of. It is possible that humidity has caused Mazafati dates to be placed in the category of food products, which is also remarkable in its own way.

keeping dates

All additional dates in the storage warehouse must be stored under appropriate conditions and standards of the day, at a temperature that does not cause the dates to rot. In addition, the value of additional dates for the body, when these dates reach the consumer; is determined If it is kept in proper conditions, dates will not lose their properties.

Many people don’t even have time to eat lunch during the day because of their busy schedule. Dates are a very good substitute for this.

Although lunch is very important for human health. But unfortunately, in recent years, due to the busyness of people and the development of societies, many people do not have time for lunch due to their daily jobs.

These people can provide adequate energy for the rest of the day by consuming a few extra dates. They also pay a very reasonable fee to replace their lunch with dates.